Rory Gallagher – GUITAR WORLD

Rory Gallagher – GUITAR WORLD

Look what arrived via FedEx from New York yesterday afternoon… the latest issue of Guitar World featuring my Rory Gallagher gear shots. Best of all, my photo of his iconic Strat is the pull out centerfold poster!I took the pictures a couple of weeks back in an attic in West London (dragging my studio kit up the rickety wooden ladder was an experience I’ll never forget!) crammed with Rory treasures; priceless guitars, magazines, tour ephemera, recordings and his inspirational floor to ceiling vinyl collection. Rory’s family do a great job of looking after his legacy and I was very grateful for the opportunity to document such valuable items.

I also drove past a Stormtrooper skipping hand in hand with his sweetheart down a Chiswick high street on the way home. Which was weird.

Rory Gallagher Guitar World collection

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  1. Milo

    Nice photos of Rory’s gear. Did you happen to sneak anything out of that attic? Rory was the ultimate guitar hero.

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