Backstage at Bon Jovi

Backstage at Bon Jovi

If you ever wondered just how much gear a major stadium band take on tour with them, check out some of my shots from a behind-the-scenes rig tour at Bon Jovi’s Ashton Gate gig. You can read the MusicRadar article here for more pictures and detailed info, facts & stories from the techs.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff they’d brought for a one off gig. There was a whole extra layer of backstage beyond the actual backstage area! It just went on & on forever; flight cases & crates & cables & boxes & monitors & strange bleeping gadgets. The techs told us that for every item they had, there was a spare waiting out back in case of disaster!

Bon Jovi rig tour-2

Bon Jovi rig tour-3

Bon Jovi rig tour-4

Bon Jovi rig tour-5

Bon Jovi rig tour-6

Bon Jovi rig tour-7

Bon Jovi rig tour-8

Bon Jovi rig tour-9

Bon Jovi rig tour-10

Bon Jovi rig tour-11

Bon Jovi rig tour-12

Bon Jovi rig tour-13

Bon Jovi rig tour-14

Bon Jovi rig tour-15

Bon Jovi rig tour-16

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    Of course! I find it’s trickier to keep up with people without LJ but I still show your zines to people all the time 🙂 Just bookmarked your blog too, yay!

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