Orianthi Live With Alice Cooper

Orianthi Live With Alice Cooper

Totally smouldering, super talented and effortlessly shredding it up. Orianthi makes me regret wasting so much time as a teenager hanging around Newport castle eating pick & mix and rating effeminate indie rock boys. Clearly I should have been practising my guitar. She was awesome! Alice Cooper was the first proper rock concert I ever went to so I was ecstatic to be in the photo pit thirteen years later. I spent my three songs focused on Orianthi but luckily I got to stick around and watch the show afterwards. High energy, mad theatrics, the man himself never falters – what a legend!

Orianthi with Alice Cooper portrait

Orianthi with Alice Cooper-4Orianthi with Alice Cooper-2

Orianthi with Alice Cooper-5Orianthi with Alice Cooper-6

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