Opeth UK tour – GUITAR WORLD

Opeth UK tour – GUITAR WORLD

Ok, I’m aware that it sounds like I say this about everyone I seem to meet through my photography, but Opeth are such friendly, down-to-earth people… I’m starting to believe there’s no such thing as the stereotypical rock & roll ego!


I recently joined them on a couple of dates of their UK tour to shoot some behind the scenes pictures for Guitar World magazine and they were so very cool & accommodating. Frederik Akesson is an incredible guitarist – at one point I was up on the balcony of the Birmingham O2 seeking out a new angle to photograph sound check from but was so enthralled by Frederik’s intricate playing I almost forgot to take any pictures!

Opeth UK tour duo 1

Opeth on tour-4

Opeth on tour-5

Opeth on tour-6

Opeth UK tour duo 2

Opeth on tour-9

Opeth on tour-10

Opeth on tour-11

Opeth UK tour duo 3

Opeth on tour-14

Opeth on tour-16

Opeth UK tour duo 4

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