Godsticks Promo & Behind-The-Scenes

Godsticks Promo & Behind-The-Scenes

Here are some of the promo shots I did for the new Godsticks album – Emergence – out August 10th. Well worth stumbling around on the rocks in the freezing cold for two hours, waiting on the tide! I also joined the band in the studio at Monnow Valley & with James ‘Lerock’ Loughrey in London, to document the recording sessions. Chris came along too as he’s been shooting a documentary for the band as well as a behind-the-scenes music video for their latest track – Much Sinister – which you can watch here.

Godsticks studio-2

Godsticks studio-4

Godsticks studio-5

Godsticks studio-6

Godsticks studio-7

Godsticks studio-8

Godsticks studio-9

Godsticks studio-10

Godsticks studio-11

Godsticks studio-12

Godsticks studio-13

Godsticks studio-14

Godsticks studio-15

Godsticks studio-16

Godsticks studio-17

Godsticks duo 1

Godsticks studio-20

Godsticks studio-21

Godsticks studio-22

Godsticks studio-23

Godsticks studio-24

Godsticks studio-25

Godsticks studio-26

Godsticks studio-27

Godsticks duo 2

Godsticks studio-30

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