Jonathan Wilson – GUITARIST

Jonathan Wilson – GUITARIST
These shots of Jonathan Wilson on board the Bristol Thekla have to be my most rewarding music portraits of 2013. Before the show we somehow found ourselves – Jonathan, guitar tech & all – locked out of the Thekla, in the bitterly cold wind only to discover that no-one inside the ship had any phone reception. By the time we were rescued, our limited schedule was squeezed ever tighter. But ultimately that is why I’m so proud of the results. The gear shots were taken off to one side of the tiny stage while the support artist ran through a quick soundcheck and the portraits were shot opposite the bar in under five minutes, just before the doors opened to the crowd. It’s amazing what you can achieve if someone is only willing to spare you a few moments! After past experiences with cranky tour managers, I am unbelievably happy to have this in the bag as (hopefully) proof that photographers don’t need to be considered an inconvenience. I think it’s surely worth it for everyone involved if you’re willing to give a photographer five minutes. The shots have featured in two magazines – illustrating this six page interview in Guitarist and a page in the new Acoustic mag (I’ve added a quick snap of this at the end).
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-23Jonathan Wilson Thekla-18
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-19
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-22
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-20
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-21

Jonathan Wilson Thekla-24
Jonathan Wilson Thekla-17Jonathan Wilson Thekla-5Jonathan Wilson Thekla-1 Jonathan Wilson Thekla-4Jonathan Wilson Thekla-3Jonathan Wilson Thekla-2

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