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Richard Hawley – GUITARIST

14 November 2011
Richard Hawley – GUITARIST
What a lovely man Richard Hawley is! A couple of months back I travelled up to Sheffield to photograph him with Jamie from Guitarist magazine and he couldn’t have been more welcoming. We met at Yellow Arch studios, a quirky little red brick building that has a kind of bleak Victorian workhouse vibe from the street but once inside I was amazed; wall to wall guitars (at least a hundred, if not more), stacks of vintage gear and an enormous mountain of empty guitar cases. Hawley had relocated his entire collection to the studios while recording the new album and every instrument had a wonderful story behind it. I shot endless guitars and Jamie recorded so many fascinating stories that the feature seems to have spiralled into an eight page monster! I’ve included some of my favourite pictures below but there are lots more on the iPad version of the magazine here.

Richard Hawley studio 1

Richard Hawley studio-4

Richard Hawley studio-5

Richard Hawley studio 2

Richard Hawley studio 3

Richard Hawley studio 4

Richard Hawley studio-12

Richard Hawley Guitarist 1

Richard Hawley Guitarist 2

Richard Hawley Guitarist 3

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Backstage at Bon Jovi

2 September 2011
Backstage at Bon Jovi
If you ever wondered just how much gear a major stadium band take on tour with them, check out some of my shots from a behind-the-scenes rig tour at Bon Jovi’s Ashton Gate gig. You can read the MusicRadar article here for more pictures and detailed info, facts & stories from the techs.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff they’d brought for a one off gig. There was a whole extra layer of backstage beyond the actual backstage area! It just went on & on forever; flight cases & crates & cables & boxes & monitors & strange bleeping gadgets. The techs told us that for every item they had, there was a spare waiting out back in case of disaster!

Bon Jovi rig tour-2

Bon Jovi rig tour-3

Bon Jovi rig tour-4

Bon Jovi rig tour-5

Bon Jovi rig tour-6

Bon Jovi rig tour-7

Bon Jovi rig tour-8

Bon Jovi rig tour-9

Bon Jovi rig tour-10

Bon Jovi rig tour-11

Bon Jovi rig tour-12

Bon Jovi rig tour-13

Bon Jovi rig tour-14

Bon Jovi rig tour-15

Bon Jovi rig tour-16

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