Backstage at Bon Jovi

Backstage at Bon Jovi
If you ever wondered just how much gear a major stadium band take on tour with them, check out some of my shots from a behind-the-scenes rig tour at Bon Jovi’s Ashton Gate gig. You can read the MusicRadar article here for more pictures and detailed info, facts & stories from the techs.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff they’d brought for a one off gig. There was a whole extra layer of backstage beyond the actual backstage area! It just went on & on forever; flight cases & crates & cables & boxes & monitors & strange bleeping gadgets. The techs told us that for every item they had, there was a spare waiting out back in case of disaster!

Bon Jovi rig tour-2

Bon Jovi rig tour-3

Bon Jovi rig tour-4

Bon Jovi rig tour-5

Bon Jovi rig tour-6

Bon Jovi rig tour-7

Bon Jovi rig tour-8

Bon Jovi rig tour-9

Bon Jovi rig tour-10

Bon Jovi rig tour-11

Bon Jovi rig tour-12

Bon Jovi rig tour-13

Bon Jovi rig tour-14

Bon Jovi rig tour-15

Bon Jovi rig tour-16

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Big Chill festival

Big Chill festival

The Big Chill festival at Eastnor Park the other weekend was a welcome break for Chris & I from what has been an endlessly hectic summer. The vibe this year was kind of different to when we went previously (& the comedy tent was nowhere to be found!) but still good times. This year Big Chill was all about delicious cider cocktails from the Somerset Cider Bus with fresh mint and raspberries. Standing almost right at the front for Robert Plant & The Band of Joy. AMAZING! I saw this photo yesterday of Led Zeppelin at the height of their fame and they seem so huge and unreachable. I could hardly believe just a few days before we watched Robert Plant from such an intimate distance. His Band of Joy were legends too which is more than can be said for Kanye West… hmm. Laying in the grass in the sunshine tasting my very first jelly nut before the appearance of dramatic black skies and the obligatory summer festival downpour. Abandoning the tent in favour of my cosy warm car. I love sleeping in my car! All the complimentary chocolate puds, yoghurts & cereals we could eat (and a strange Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids style experience in a giant cereal bowl) at the Alpro Breakfest bar. Late night wanderings through the ferns on the art trail watching trippy performances, video installations and mysterious floating neon lights in the woods. We saw the festival out shivering hard and spilling paper cups of hot tea all over ourselves but we fought the cold to catch Rodrigo y Gabriela who were incredible. How do they not lacerate their fingers and bleed everywhere? Thanks for inviting us along, Alpro (& an even bigger thanks for the puds)!

The Big Chill Festival 2011-2

The Big Chill Festival 2011-3

The Big Chill Festival 2011-4

The Big Chill Festival 2011-5

The Big Chill Festival 2011-6

The Big Chill Festival 2011-7

The Big Chill Festival 2011-8

The Big Chill Festival 2011-9

The Big Chill Festival 2011-10

The Big Chill Festival 2011-11

The Big Chill Festival 2011-12

The Big Chill Festival 2011-13

The Big Chill Festival 2011-14

The Big Chill Festival 2011-15

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Rory Gallagher – GUITAR WORLD

Rory Gallagher – GUITAR WORLD
Look what arrived via FedEx from New York yesterday afternoon… the latest issue of Guitar World featuring my Rory Gallagher gear shots. Best of all, my photo of his iconic Strat is the pull out centerfold poster!I took the pictures a couple of weeks back in an attic in West London (dragging my studio kit up the rickety wooden ladder was an experience I’ll never forget!) crammed with Rory treasures; priceless guitars, magazines, tour ephemera, recordings and his inspirational floor to ceiling vinyl collection. Rory’s family do a great job of looking after his legacy and I was very grateful for the opportunity to document such valuable items.

I also drove past a Stormtrooper skipping hand in hand with his sweetheart down a Chiswick high street on the way home. Which was weird.

Rory Gallagher Guitar World collection

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